• Hario Coffee Syphon 'technica' 3 cups

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Hario Coffee Syphon 'technica' 3 cups


Filtered coffee production machine from handmade, fireproof blown pyrex glass, metal.

Consists of 2 fireproof glass containers, a base, a cover for the upper container and an alcohol combustion lamp.

The hot water is transferred from the bottom to the top container due to the pressure that is created during its boiling, so it will soak the ground coffee and bring out all its aromas.

After the removal of the heating source, the coffee extract flows to the bottom container again, which also is the serving container, with the automatic siphoning method. If the extraction times are the same each time, then there will not occur a discernible difference in flavour. 

An impressive coffee production method that attracts the attention and has an amazing flavour result and is the favourite device of professionals.

Capacity: 3 cups

Construction material

Top container: Fireproof glass

Bottom container: Fireproof glass

Boiler: Fireproof glass

Boiler cover: Stainless steel

Base: Stainless steel

Windscreen: Aluminum

Clip: Brass


Brand: Hario

Product code: 09-154226

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