• Iperespresso LUNGO 108 CAPSULES (6 packagings)
  • Iperespresso LUNGO 108 CAPSULES (6 packagings)

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Iperespresso LUNGO 108 CAPSULES (6 packagings)


The Illy Iperespresso pods are compatible with the Illy Iperespresso Y3.3 and Illy Iperespresso Francis Χ7.1 coffee machines.

Espresso coffee in pods, pressure packed so the organoleptic characteristics are preserved. Unique blend, 100% Αrabica. The harmony and essence of the illy blend in a pod. Uniquely designed in different types for every taste.

Discreet caramel, orange flower and jasmine accents with a sweet aftertaste. Illy pods contain the unique authentic blend of 9 different high quality Arabica selections.

  • Net weight: 130,2g ℮
  • To be stored away from sunlight and heat sources.
  • Produced and packed in Italy.
  • Packed in a protective atmosphere


Brand: Illy Iperespresso

Product code: 0057

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