• Dimello Pods GUATEMALA 50pcs
  • Dimello Pods GUATEMALA 50pcs

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Dimello Pods GUATEMALA 50pcs


The Illy and Dimello paper pods are compatible with Dimello WPod400D ad Ιlly ESE coffee machines

Cultivated at the fertile, volcanic slopes of the Acatenango valley in Guatemala. The morphology, climate and rich soil of the area produce a coffee with a thin, sweet chocolate aroma and an intricate fruity flavour.

Individual portions of ground espresso in the appropriate dosage, packed in a protective atmosphere. Can only be used in espresso machines that have the ESE system, where easily, quickly and in a clean way an excellent quality espresso, cappuccino or freddo can be produced.


Brand: Dimello

Product code: 01-10-0028

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