Coffee Epirus is the official partner of KAFEA TERRA in Epirus since 2001 and we represent ILLY, DIMELLO and AREA 51.

Our vision is to provide the customer with a perfect cup of coffee.


It is our mission to have pleased coffee consumers, to be by our customer's side and to provide them with high quality services and knowledge. To constantly invest towards our member’s education, with trips to factories that produce our products, trips to factories that produce coffee machines for the training of our technicians, and with seminars for SCA credentials for a large portion of our staff.


The past few years we have progressed through trips to Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia, trips that have as a starting line our passion for coffee and as a destination the knowledge and introduction with people that cultivate the coffee grounds that reach our cup every morning.


Coffee Epirus is the official partner of Kafea Terra in Epirus and we represent Illy, Dimello and Area 51. Having Ioannina as a base, Coffee Epirus, through a network of stores, is active in Arta, Preveza, Igoumenitsa, Kanalaki where, through daily distribution, it covers the restocking needs of its partners. Through our technical services we offer preemptive checks to machines and coffee mills during scheduled meetings as well as the immediate assistance of our technicians in cases of malfunction. Regarding our training part, every store has a small training room to cover the needs for seminars provided by the trainers of Coffee Epirus.