Advice for the correct coffee production

Coffee Epirus presents advice to you for the production of popular cafes. Choose your favorite coffee and read our advice through an analytic guide that contains pictures and suggestions for every production step of your beverage.

This method is of Japanese origin and its name V60 originates from the 60° corner and the cone shape of its dripper.

It is the cold version of cappuccino. It is a cold summer beverage with creamy texture.

It was first introduced in 1992 from KAFEA TERRA as a cold summer beverage with creamy texture. You can enjoy it all year round!

The espresso coffee is the only method that is produced with a pressure pump. The water is preserved from the espresso machine under the boiling poit which prevents the coffee from burning.


It is the procedure of coffee extraction with cold water over a long period of time.

A hand operated glass coffee machine, that was invented in 1941 by Paper Schlumbohm, and is included in the Modern Art Museum collection in New York.

Cappuccino is a beverage of Italian origin that consists of espresso coffee and milk.

Aeropress, was perfected by the inventor and mechanic Adam Adler. This production used the handmade pressure.