• Dimello Espresso Capsules Allegro (100pcs)
  • Dimello Espresso Capsules Allegro (100pcs)

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Dimello Espresso Capsules Allegro (100pcs)

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Intensely flavourable blend with a tied body, fruity aromas and a strong aftertaste.

The aromas of Ethiopian coffee, with the fruity intensity from the Colombian tropical areas and the select Honduran Arabica blends are combined in order to create the Allegro blend.

This combination gives Allegro a spark and uniqueness.

Enjoy it like an espresso. Perfectly combined with milk, making it suitable for the production of cappuccino and freddo.

  • 10 pods of roasted, ground coffee, packed in a protective atmosphere.
  • Compatible with household Nespresso®* machines.
  • To be stored in a chilled and dry area. To be consumed best before: Check the bottom part of the package.

*Retail sign, third party property that is not associated with KafeaTerra Commercial & Industrial S.A


Brand: Dimello

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