• Dimello Espresso Capsules Intenso (100pcs)
  • Dimello Espresso Capsules Intenso (100pcs)

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Dimello Espresso Capsules Intenso (100pcs)

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Unique blend with a strong flavour, intense body, chocolate aromas and a rich tropical fruit aftertaste.

The Indonesian coffee selections give intensity, while the Brasilian coffee gives a rich body. Guatemalan, Honduran and Colombian coffee selections give chocolate and tropical fruit accents. With the addition of Robusta from India the unique character of Intenso is completed.

  • 10 pods of roasted, ground coffee, packed in a protective atmosphere.
  • Compatible with household Nespresso®* machines.
  • To be stored in a chilled and dry area. To be consumed best before: Check the bottom part of the package.

*Retail sign, third party property that is not associated with KafeaTerra Commercial & Industrial S.A


Brand: Dimello

Product code: 01-10-20124

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